Most days I walk up the hill from my home to the local shops. What, you may ask is so special about that? For me, it is very special; for months I was unable to do this without bad hip pain and general stiffness. After only a few lessons of the Alexander Technique the pain had lessoned and I could move more freely, indeed, after only my second lesson, I was able to climb stairs in the normal way (no more struggling up one step at a time).I have been learning the Alexander Technique for several months, and it has “given me back my life”. I now find my day-to-day life much easier, and have even begun my favourite hobby of rambling in the countryside again! All this due to the Alexander Technique with its calm gentle approach, no strenuous, painful exercise! Thank you Mr Alexander, thank you Kathy!!

Christine Martin


Kathryn brings a quiet and reassuring presence to her teaching. I have been helped by the Technique through much of my career as a musician and can say that Kathryn has an exceptionally clear, direct, simple and effective way of imparting it, and clearly embodies its principles herself. I would recommend her to anyone, not least to anyone who has tried it before and felt a little mystified!

Robin Ireland


As a keen amateur sportsman I was looking for some systemic therapy for the recurring niggles I was getting through cycling, weights and running. Kathryn has been exactly what I was looking for. She takes a holistic view of the body and helps me to integrate the Alexander way of working with my own activities. After just a short time my shoulder, back and calf problems are getting better and I am seeing improvements in my performance.

Piers Carter


Since I started classes, 6 months ago, there has been a huge improvement in my back & neck pain, from having years of chronic pain, I am happy to say I now hardly feel it at all. Kathryn is a wonderful teacher; she is very patient and gently encourages the correct movements. She has taught me how to overcome the bad habits I had formed and has re-educated me into moving in a more natural way which is kinder to my body. Kathryn is always looking for new ways in which the Alexander technique can be used and enjoys sharing this knowledge, she is an enthusiastic teacher who obviously gets great pleasure from helping people.

Andi Thornton


The Alexander Technique has taught me so much about how I use my body, the odd little habits I’ve developed that don’t help me, and the possibilities for doing things differently. With lessons and regular practice I can be free from pain in my neck and shoulders that otherwise troubles me. After a lesson, my partner tells me I have grown!


The Alexander Technique helps me to learn how to use my body in a balanced way and how to release areas of tension. I now have much more awareness of what I am doing. This helps my viola playing and also, generally speaking, enables me to cope with the aches and pains of later years with reduced use of pain-relieving or anti-inflammatory drugs. Kathryn is an inspired and sensitive teacher and I look forward to my lessons with her.


The Alexander Technique is a tool that can be applied to many areas of life. I would like to say thank you to my pupils for their generosity in sharing their experience of the Alexander Technique and detailing how the Technique has been integrated into their life.


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