Lessons and FAQs


About the lesson

I teach the Technique in a series of individual lessons. By using my hands very gently (not manipulation) on your head, neck, back and limbs I enable you to recognise and release any unnecessary tension and to redirect your energy. The principles of the Technique will be explained and how they can be applied to your daily activities.


The difference between the Alexander Technique and other therapies is that you are an active participant. This is why sessions are called ‘lessons’ and you are a ‘pupil’. My aim is not just to help you alleviate your current problem but to teach you the skill to prevent a further recurrence.


Since the Alexander Technique cannot be adequately described in words but is something that needs to be experienced, having an introductory lesson is the best way of finding out if it is for you.


How long does a lesson last and how many will I need?

Lessons last for approx. 45/50 minutes. The number of lessons you have depends on your individual needs and goals. A series of lessons are recommended but even a few can make a lasting difference.


It is advisable at first to have lessons weekly, allowing the new approach to movement to establish. Following this, lessons can be taken on a weekly or fortnightly basis.


What does it cost?

Introductory lesson £25

Subsequent lessons £40


Special Offer:  One free lesson if you book a course of 6


Gift vouchers available from £25


What do I wear?

No special clothing is required providing movement is not restricted but ladies may feel more comfortable wearing trousers. You will only be asked to remove your shoes.


Where are the lessons held?

170 Bannerdale Road


S7 2DT.


The Stillpoint Practice

25 Montgomery Road

Nether Edge


S7 1LN



The Lodge House

Natural Health Practice

Howard Road



S6 3RX

0114 2345459



What if I need to cancel a lesson?

Please try to provide 24 hours’ notice.


Do you run workshops or give talks?

I am happy to provide talks and workshops to groups or in the workplace.

Please contact me for further information.


Call:     0114 2583558

Email:  khcharlton123@hotmail.com



Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique www.stat.org.uk

Call:    0114 2583558

Email:    khcharlton123@hotmail.com