The Alexander Technique is a proven approach to self-care. It is a method that people of all ages and abilities can learn to help to relieve the pain and stress caused by the effect modern life can have on our body.


Stress and tension may lead to back pain, headaches, stiff necks and other common ailments. All too often we accept them as part of the wear and tear of life, but the Alexander Technique teaches us that we have a choice and through a gradual process of re-education you will gain more control of your well-being.


The Technique will allow you to function more efficiently. Movement will require less effort and breathing becomes easier. Your health, vitality and awareness will re-establish naturally.

The Alexander Technique can also be a powerful tool for self-development.


To discover more about the Alexander Technique an Introductory lesson is available at a reduced cost.

Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

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